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A-500 Thermowell


The A-500 thermowell is machined from a single piece of brass or stainless steel to provide a rugged and leakproof well for MAMAC Systems' temperature sensors. Each A-500 thermowell is precisely machined to 0.255" bore to provide a tight fit for our standard ¼" O.D. probe. This feature also significantly enhances the thermal transfer from the media to the temperature sensor.

The external and internal threads are machined to meet published specifications exactly, and each well is individually inspected to insure thread integrity. Hexagon wrench flats are provided to assist in installing the well in the pipe. Other thermowells that incorporate dissimilar metals like brass and copper which are welded/soldered together are susceptible to leaks caused by thermal shock. In HVAC applications, the temperature of the media may change rapidly, and due to different coefficient of thermal expansion, a welded/soldered thermowell may leak. The A-500 thermowell has a single piece construction and, as a result, is immune to leaks which may be caused by thermal shock or weak welds.

The MAMAC A-500 thermowell is available in 4", 6", 8" and 12" lengths to handle pipe diameters from 4" to 24". With more than four length options, brass and stainless steel material choices, three external thread options, solid leakproof one piece construction, and precision machining, the A-500 thermowell can reliably accommodate all HVAC immersion temperature sensing applications.

In order to improve thermal transfer and to eliminate condensation forming within the thermowell, MAMAC Systems offers a high grade thermal compound (A-505) for the A-500 thermowell.