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A-505 Compound


The A-505 thermal compound is a synthetic ester based white homogeneous paste filled with heat conductive metal oxides, providing efficient thermal conductivity with negligible bleed and evaporation loss even at high working temperatures.

A-505 exhibits no particle migration, fluid separation or hardening. Unlike silver oxide thermal compounds which may react with the temperature sensor probe in the presence of contaminants, the A-505 is totally inert and does not exhibit catalytic behavior between the probe material and the thermowell. The A-505 thermal compound has a specific gravity of 2.9 at 77°F, service temperature of -40°F to 392°F, and thermal conductivity exceeds 19.0 x 10-4 (calories/cm2/°C/sec/cm).

The A-505 thermal compound is available in conveniently packaged 1-ounce syringes. We highly recommend using thermal compound with the A-500 thermowell to insure that there is no condensation within the thermowell and to improve the heat transfer from the media to the temperature sensor.