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EP-350 Pneumatic Fail Safe


The EP-350 interfaces with up to four separate EP-311/313 electropneumatic transducers to ensure fail safe bleed to zero pressure. The EP-350 solenoid holds a transducer's bleed port closed until power is lost and then opens the port, which allows the branch ports of all connected transducers to exhaust pressure upon power failure.

The EP-350 incorporates an aluminum block manifold that is fitted with four ¼-inch brass hose barbs and a single power solenoid. By connecting transducers' branch lines to the EP-350's four hose barbs, pressure ports are kept isolated from one another to ensure that no pressure mixing occurs across pneumatic ports. To power the EP-350, apply either 24 VDC or 24 VAC to the EP-350's two-position terminal block. To provide a pneumatic connection, tee a line of ¼-inch poly tubing from one of the EP-350's four ¼-inch hose barbs to the branch line output of an electropneumatic transducer.