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CU-850/860/870/880 Current Sensors


CU series Current Sensors provide a reliable and low cost solution to monitor current of supply/exhaust fans, pumps, compressors, unit ventilators, lighting or any equipment. Current Sensors are available with a solid core or split core configuration for ease of installation. Two models are available with field selectable ranges to cover 10 amps to 200 amps full scale. The current sensors incorporate sophisticated electronics to provide true RMS measurement from 20 to 100 Hz frequency. The VDC output sensor is self powered and does not require external power. The 4-20 mA sensor is 2-wire loop powered and can handle 15-40 VDC. 5 year warranty, UL listed, CE certified and the lowest cost in the industry are some of the features which make the sensors an ideal solution for load status monitoring and alarming functions.